Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Naming of Geekonomist

The puzzle of the subject - "economics" started bothering me from july 1999 when a book titled "Intermediate Economics" (by Hal. R. Varian) came into the hand after loitering around the footpaths of College Street in Kolkata. To me the words in the book were same as Hebrew or may be some alien language. But to understand that tickle that was going in the mind, I had to explore through the pages of the book and after 5 days I realised that have been bitten by the virus of being a worm to the book. The virus of seeing happenings around us through the lense of this alien subject (which was very much alien to me during July 1999)first time made me realise that learning could be so much fun. Suddenly, the desire of coming out of a factory system approach of education got a vent through the means of this new subject - "Economics". The journey with the subject has been a roller coaster ride with a girl friend and we have experienced ups and downs in our relationship - "The Geek and Economics". However the name about this blog came to mind during the lunch discussion at IHC when one of my colleague, Shailly referred that I could start a new creative writing blog dealing with various behavioural issues. As I have always been an urdent fan of the well acclaimed book "Freakonomics" (written by Prof. Steven D. Levitt & Stephen J. Dubner, published by the Penguin Group), I thought that the blog could be philosophically viewed as a "freaking out site of a terrible Geek".

This guy according to another colleague of mine seems to appear in action like a Geek (may be a better word could be Hitler) and so to put my actions like a redemption act, I thought to start this diary of mine with an introduction like - "Geekonomist's Diary". The aim definitely would be to find out things which would be totally unsuitable for geeks who strive for scoring just good grades in graduation and post graduation without falling in love with the excellence, fun of the subject. So all around our life over the years I have collected "Content of Geekonomics" from classrooms, bathrooms, office meeting rooms, bedrooms and as many kind of rooms as possible. Other than this the refreshing thoughts of this diary has come from films, music, cricket, football, review comments of peer reviewers, coffee vending machine of office, auto drivers and many more. The next chapters would soon speak about all these. So let the mystery remain.................

Till then .......

Geek trying to learn and apply economics

Anandajit (Anando)