Saturday, December 29, 2012

Time to stop the ape in us

The word and the act of "Rape" has an ape in it. Everytime, in the last few weeks, people around discussed about this act, I felt disturbed with ripples of thoughts. It emerged on mind that its time to stop, tame, train and question the ape amongst humans that provokes this barbaric act. Therefore whenever stories of Jessica, Pratibha or the 23 year old woman comes to mainstream news from many of such events in India already happening in different segments of our social structure, it seems this has become a routine or a periodic event in our country.

Right now, though, it is inspiring to see the assertive nature of the youth of our country demanding the basic rights: the solution of taming the ape amongst us will not only happen with a conscience/emotional awakening, awareness and its outburst. We need to have effective institutional and judicial mechanism and execution agencies, fast track single window clearance trial systems to create a deterrence signal to such insensitive, inhuman behaviour within our society. Effective functioning of these mechanisms can create strong deterrence signal against such a barbaric behaviour in a social set up marked by class differences arising owing to differential access and possession of wealth, money, political power. Often such a difference in the possession generates audacity, arrogance, criminal motivation that pushes towards such a heinous act. Whenever an occurence of such a horrible act happens, it gives a signal to the people of our society that the deterrence mechanisms are not working as it ideally should be.

Therefore, the efficiency of the role of institutions, legislations, school education (which is not only curriculum based) becomes extremely important. In all these spheres, the ethics of human relation, emotions, sensitivities and psychology should be introduced in an appropriate way. At the topmost structural hierarchy of governance i.e. within the Parliament, a special session should be held to pass on a bill on how to institutionalize deterrence signals to reduce the act of rape in our country by means of policies which are transparent. An important instrument of such policy implementation will be strong legislations, institutional actions. Demand to conduct these sessions within the Parliament should come from the voting community and all sections of the society. Artists, thinkers and intellectual community should communicate the demand to conduct such a special session to the politicians by means of films, songs, poetry and any art form. If such a communication can bring in tears in the eyes of politicians debating in the special session of the Parliament, then who knows one day a bill will be passed to create institutions to create deterrence signals against the act of rape and train the ape prevailing amongst us within the society. Therefore, the time for it is to do it now!