Saturday, January 9, 2010

Mobile phone loud speakers as lie speakers in badminton court

Scene 1 - An usual evening on the baddy court. Venue - Badminton Court, Time - 6 p.m.

People have assembled and have formed two teams for playing a doubles badminton match. Suddenly, the mobile phone of one of the team members of the playing team rings up. The player says that he is busy in some work and so would be getting late for home. The phone was in loud speaker mode and so one could realise the phone was from one of the family members from home expecting the person (playing baddy) to come home to fullfill certain family responsibilities. Immediately, the mobile phone loud speaker became a lie - speaker. The question which immediately sprang up in my mind is that why does a person have to tell lie about the fact dealing with playing badminton. Lie could come from fear many times. What could be the possible sources of fear that could lead to telling lies? Is playing badminton not accepted by family members in the evening once somebody has family responsibilities or gets married? Does the expectation amongst family members differ about the individual who is playing badminton? So although the individual relaxes at the end of the day by playing badminton, still he has to tell a lie to the family members by not disclosing the information about baddy playing to the family members as the baddy player has a fear of consequences of not matching the expectations of family members. Or is it that the baddy player expects that if he discloses to family members about his baddy playing they would be unhappy due to a jolt in their expectations. Then why could they be unhappy. Probably family members expect the baddy player to do something else other than playing baddy. So expectations have a role to play behind telling these lies regarding playing baddy in the evening. The nature of the expectations between the player and the person calling in mobile also change depending whether the person playing baddy is married, unmarried, staying alone, has girl friend or boyfriend, lives with family and so on. The propensity of telling a lie also depends on who is calling the baddy player. These observations were summarised after observing many such incidents of lie speakers through the loud speaker of mobile phone in the baddy court. Then I started thinking of making my own sample size to analyze in which cases the chances of telling a lie goes up and under what kind of expectation hypothesis the chances go up. Suddenly, one day then the next scene of this script happens -

Scene 2 - Another usual evening on the baddy court. Venue - Badminton Court, Time - 6 p.m.

Again a phone comes in the midst of a badminton match and one of the badminton players doesnot tell a lie and exactly reports that he is playing badminton and would be late for home. My entire research hypothesis about lie telling in mobile in baddy court gets questioned and I form a new set of expectation hypothesis. The findings of those analysis would gradually come in the next segments of blogging.


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