Friday, April 9, 2010

Poetry of flying

Last month while coming back from France to New Delhi the poetry of flying struck its notes. The rythm of those notes had a homogeneity like the homogenous identity of clouds and space that exists way above 40,000 feet from the ground. The turbulence in the air that gave a lateral movement to the plane often brought a break in the continuous rythmic notes. But then again the turbulence itself became a part of the rythmic notes that was flowing through the mind and was creating its own music. The larger space outside which was no more than a black identity from the window of the seat also contributed in the poetry writing. The flash of moon brought some interesting interludes in between the verses which was making its own song. Revolving the notes, I was trying to interlink my own subconcious domain with the wide horizon of the atmospheric field through which I was flying. Like a rythmic pattern this continued over a long time. While the poetry, verses and the song was reaching its end, I heard the announcement of landing. The poetic journey above 40,000 feet from France to Delhi was coming to an end. I was coming down from the homogenous universal space to a heterogenous space below marked by several identities. Like the knob of a radio, was trying to switch the mind to the tunes of the heterogenous identities. Initially some frequency overlaps happened, but as the plane landed and the moon was well above the sky now, I found out a matching frequency. It came through the inbox of my cell phone which was finally switched on after landing in Indira Gandhi International Airport. The poetry of flying ended with a new matching frequency.


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