Saturday, August 14, 2010

Millenium Hall and World Cup: a new world in the next millenium through hall and cup

Last Sunday, I went to the Millenium Hall in Addis Ababa to watch the world cup finals along with the people of this nation. The hall had a huge capacity and it was evident in the huge volume of crowd which had gathered. It was an ambie...nce of happy faces with lot of positive energies vibrating and flowing all around. Before the match started, there was a musical extravaganza which had the best of African rythm mixed with the flavour of rock music. The two hour music concert, in which everybody was dancing in the crowd showed how each human being was getting intersparsed and blended in a homogenous mixture of happiness that prevailed all around. To put in words of chemistry, the solutes (which were individual happiness of people) were getting blended and stirred through the passion of music finally leading to a formation of a homogenous mixture. Even, my happiness was a distinct solute in that mixture which was different from the unknown middle aged guy who was dancing beside me for almost 2 hours in his own way.But at the end of 2 hour concert we realised that we are not individual solutes any more.We all have become part of a homogenous mixture of happiness which had an enormous uniformity across the crowds. Boundaries between human beings were broken to create that uniformity. Vuvuzelas, music, dance,african rythm all had played a critical role in that transformation. Such a music extravaganza had a perfect termination when the telecast started in big screens within the hall. The glitter, sparkle in eyes of people all around can be easily felt when a film on ups and downs of the world cup was shown in the big screen. So a weeping brazilian fan on the screen became vivid in the tears of people around me. At the end of the film, when the promo and adertisement on Africa United was shown there was a huge uproar and rise of cheering voices. It seemed a high tide or tsunami has struck in the ocean. The shaking up for tsunami has happened and voices of people were increasing like a rising tide of tsunami. Lines and the script of "Africa United" promo was buzzing in my ears. And why it was buzzing - because Sunday I saw an united new world for next millenium through the hall (millenium) and cup (World).

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