Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Security Sirens and Restlessness

The date was probably sometime in May, 2004. I was coming out of the India Habitat Centre, when for the first time felt a connection between 'Security Siren' and 'Sudden Burst of Hidden Restlessness'. A security convoy passed with the alarming sirens ensuring the safety and security of the delegates of the convoy. If we put aside the security aspect of using sirens, then the fundamental question that arises is how far loud sirens serve the purpose. Are loud sirens required even in a road with no heavy traffic. A heavy traffic loaded road enhances the need for using loud sirens to set aside people and others so that they dont act as a hindrance to the convoy - mobility and also guarantees convoy safety. But what is the logic behind using a loud siren even in an empty, clear road on an afternoon of a Saturday (the day of the month of May, 2004 that I mentioned was probably a Saturday) if we assume that there is no security threat alert. Even if there is a threat alert using the siren is then giving signal to the attackers and raising the chance of attack.

But if we dont consider this dimension, does giving loud siren comes from a patriarchal behaviour of showcasing and exhibiting a hierarchy between the people who have power over the people who are being governed by the agents having power. Ideally, the first set of people should take care of the fact that in any situation the manifestations of the status of a segment of the society (proxied by the indicator - loud siren of convoy people) doesnot be a cause of restlessness for others. Generally a convoy movement in our country always create a sense of urgency, hurry. But there are some exceptions also. May be someday, we could dream of a society where there would be no loud sirens as hierarchial indicators of status quo and all connections between - 'Security Sirens and Restlessness' would be blurred that day.

Waiting for another blurring saturday to arrive!


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